Strategic Intensive + Intentional Support


The best way to get started with social media marketing? To simply start.

This 90-minute call via Video or Phone will give you the strategies you need to succeed. 

During the Intensive, you will find your five: 5 brands for you to consider when building out your calendar, identify daily themes for your unique brand voice and how you can use them to reach your audience, and a customized list of 30 hashtags for your brand for Instagram and the optimized times, themes and content to post on Instagram with these hashtags in a #powerofthree rotation. For Facebook, you'll get a clear, daily strategy, plus brands to curate from AND the best way to repurpose your blog content. 

We will also discuss your unique Facebook Group strategy, understand what supplemental content types YOU need to achieve YOUR unique goals (blog, video series, Facebook Live show or Podcast) and how to map out a specific plan to grow your list with qualified leads who are excited to work with you

The best part? You’ll also have 30-days of unlimited access to me via Voxer to get support in real time! 

Investment for the 90-minute Intensive
+ 30 Days of Voxer with Vix:

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Need help to get it all done? Add on the option of working with one of my trained social media managers for $250 per month. 

How does that help you? It gives you a team member without having to worry about all of the backend work needed to train, manage and grow a team. You’ll get to work with my Social Media Manager 1:1 in Basecamp, have them schedule your content for you AND post 3x per week in Facebook groups as you, freeing up your time to do other things. They can also create graphics, help with email and blog management and more! They also have a direct line to me so you know your strategy is being implemented perfectly. 

Learn how to find your audience, build trust through authentic posts and then convert your social media audience to clients, (paid) influence and more so that you can leverage these things to really grow your business and bank account through social media!

Ready to commit to the intentional support for 3, 6 or 9 months? Ask about our bundle offering, saving you cash to invest in other areas of your business!