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Hey! I'm Vix and I'll coach you to use social media and digital marketing to build a business with love (of self), sweat (of hard #werk) and tears (of joy) by creating content that converts and writing your success story to support ALL of your business goals.


I've been where you are...

  • Burned out by a job that doesn't support my goals and unique talents
  • Stressed out by a lack of financial and time freedom
  • Missing important moments in my life with family and loved ones because of the overbearing demands of my job
  • Completely tapped creatively, unable to find the joy in the work I used to love


It doesn't have to be this way. 

They say entrepreneurs are dreamers. They call us the crazy ones. They say we would rather work 80 hours a week for ourselves than toil away 40 hours a week for someone else. They say we're the ones who have a spark of madness that won't ever go anywhere or become anything. 

They are wrong. 

I have built brands for celebritiesEmmy-award winning television showsinfluencers, authors, construction companies, television personalitieslegacy editorial brands with 20+ years of content behind them, startup brands who don't even have a domain

I have created entire programs for coaches in under 45 minutes, programs that converted 800 people in one day from one email.

I have created Facebook communities of 20,000 in four weeks with highly targeted ads to bring the right audience in for under $30 per day in ad spend.

I have had clients verified on Facebook in 6 hours... and on Instagram in 12. 

I have used Twitter to get featured on the TODAY show... at 22. 

My personal digital brand reaches over 20K people per day -- and I can count the 44th President of the United States among my Twitter followers. 

I built a six-figure business in six weeks by securing contracts, finding the right clients and transferring clients from my full-time gig to my part-time-turned-full-time #sidehustlesuccessstory. 

I have earned six figures in the first six months of my second year in business. 

I have taken so many dreams and turned them into viable businesses, into thriving business... and I've done it in as little as four weeks. 

How did I do it?

With a digital content strategy built to convert followers into clients through visibility, curation, featured products, digital PR and partnerships with the right influencers to get in front of my ideal client every, single day. 

And best of all?

I coach clients JUST LIKE YOU to do the exact same thing based on their unique goals.

We are the future and there's no stopping us now that we've got started. With the right coaching, systems, strategies and execution... the limit for YOUR success simply

Does. Not. Exist. 

Ok, I'm listening...

Coaching clients on building a business is easy -- it's helping them STAY visible for the long haul? That is my unique speciality. 

I'm a business strategist who offers 1:1 social media coaching programs with the execution you need to succeed. 

Posting three times a week on Facebook or Instagram isn't going to get you anywhere and posting more than five times a day won't help you either.

There's a unique recipe for success, one I have been able to replicate across brands, entrepreneurs and influencers for the past 10 years, and one I can teach you to master.

All it takes is a little time, a little patience, some content prompts, coaching calls and your willingness to move your brand forward in a strategic way. In a way that focuses on big and small goals each and every day to find the BEST ways to move toward ALL of your goals. 



Working with me gives you the support you need to succeed!

It's social media coaching with a heavy side of "done for you" to put you on the fast track. To give you the keys to success in a quick and easy to understand format that converts.

To help you reclaim the time in your busy day to make the most of the time you have to be IN your business, converting clients the unique way only YOU can! 

Side Hustle Success Story

It’s time to banish the BS behind building a business and breakthrough the glorification of busy.

Burnout is NOT the key to success -- in fact, it is a surefire way to hate the passion you so wanted to turn to a profit. 

So what’s the answer? 

Well, the fairytale says you’ll create a business from your passion, pour your heart and soul into it and then POOF! You’ll have a thriving business filled with a tribe ready to convert to every program you offer. 

Or maybe you read the corporate fairytale -- corner office at 25, partner at 30? Sound familiar?

When those fairytales fail, YOUR story begins. The story of how to actually to turn what you’re passionate about into a profit that gives you the time freedom, financial freedom and JOY you crave.

The Side Hustle Success Story Business Coaching Program takes 10 years of coaching experience -- working with talent, journalists, celebrities and start-up teams -- and brings it to you.

Whether you’re an up-and-coming entrepreneur or someone who just feels completely burned out by your success, this program will help you innovate and find ways to reignite the fire of success on YOUR terms.

You’ll get the coaching support you crave AND the execution management you need.

This 1:1 coaching program has helped entrepreneurs just like you earn 96% more in revenue in ONE month. The program focuses on small wins to help you achieve your dream of building a business by creating a strong foundation for success and giving you tons of goods + guides to keep that success rolling for years to come!

See What a Past Client Said About this Program

What’s Included:

  • Eight (8), 45-minute calls to determine the best way for you to monetize your dream and turn it into a business that brings the cold, hard cash into your bank account! 

  • Unlimited email access to me so you can work things out on YOUR schedule, as they come to you! 

  • Access to my 5-workshop course, The FUNdamentals of Being an Influencer plus my Lead Generation Template (to help you explode your newsletter list!) and a free copy of my book, Six Weeks to Freedom.


$4500, split into 3 or 6 payments





Victoria has a great understanding of the digital space and what type of content resonates. Her energy, enthusiasm and love of social media makes her a valuable team player — someone very well-liked by her peers. Victoria looks for ways to create new traffic sources and online partnership opportunities.
— Bob Mohler, SVP Warner Bros.
When it comes to digital marketing, all posts are NOT created equal. It is so critical that you share your brand in a way that is impactful, without the entire work day doing so! Hiring Vix was the smartest decision I have made. She helped me craft relevant messages that match my brand and convey my message in a way that is authentically ME. She is creative, current, savvy, responsive and I would HIGHLY recommend hiring Vix if you are looking for help with digital branding!
— Sheira MacKenzie, Business Coach
Vix is INCREDIBLE!! She helped us with our entire challenge and I highly recommend working with her.
— Christine Hassler, Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach and Author
Vix’s wealth of knowledge is leading this up and coming industry by storm. She’s changing the game of how people can push their content, message, or products on social media and entice more followers, leaving audiences wanting more from their content curators.

Vix is well-known to many as a “fixer.” If you have a social media problem, Victoria is efficient, effective, and energetic at figuring out how to overcome your challenges. Her classes offer self-help, personal transformation, business/marketing ideas, and one-on-one along with group social media guidance, so you can ensure your online brand matches your overall mission.
— Kaitlyn Chana, Action News Jax Reporter, CBS47/FOX30
Having Vix create my website has been nothing short of amazing. She clearly heard my vision of what I wanted and created something that even exceeded my own expectations! I’m so grateful for her and her work! A true gem!
— Pina LoGiudice, ND,LAc
Vix is one of the most talented and motivated digital marketers I have ever met. Her background as both producer and social strategist combine with an honest passion for all things digital to create a strategist with extremely useful insights. Her ability to think on the fly and develop digital and social strategies that are both strategic and clear is truly impressive.
— Anthony Cain, VP - Social Media Marketing, SOCIAL HOUSE INC.

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